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06.08.2018 Árok 20th Edition gig (Ajka)
Memories from last year's Árok: awesome SIDRIP gig.
Plan for this year's Árok: super-mega-awesome SIDRIP gig :)
Be prepared 'coz we're going to open up (and drink) the world's biggest bottle of champagne on stage to celebrate the 20th Árok Party, the home of SIDRIP. You can expect the usual great retro feeling and a few new remixes from us too.
Don't forget the date: 18th August 2018, Ajka, Árok 20th Edition demoparty.
SIDRIP vs Árok 20th Edition1
12.04.2018 White Dog Pub gig (Ajka)
SIDRIP gig season starts soon. Still (a)Live.
Ajka, White Dog Pub, 28th of April.
SIDRIP vs White Dog Pub
23.07.2017 Árok Party 2017 gig
Tho life doesn't stop changin' one thing is rock solid: SIDRIP concert at Árok Party. Be there at the housewarming party of the new Árok place on the 12th August in Ajka, where we introduce our new guitarist and some new tracks as well.
Árok Party 2017
29.04.2017 QB Party 2017 concert
Demoparty ==> QB Party 2017 ==> 13th May ==> Sülysáp, Hungary ==> SIDRIP concert
SIDRIP at QB Party 2017
13.01.2017 Demobit 2017 concert
After 20 long years Demobit is back. Good news to those who were patient, Bratislava, Slovakia has demoparty again. SIDRIP will transfer its musical energy to the reborn Phoenix on the 28th January, come and have a great one with us.
SIDRIP at Demobit 2017
24.10.2016 SIDRIP & Machinae Supremacy gig @ PixelCon 4
This year keeps marching forward. We're preparing for the biggest step for us this year, so far: on 5th of November (19:00) we will open for our biggest influence, Machinae Supremacy during Pixelcon 4. It will be the biggest SID rock event of this country so far. Come and let's party!
SIDRIP at PixelCon 4
06.09.2016 Function 2016 gig and SID jukebox
This year's Fuction demoparty is a must have event for all the sid-rock fans out there: SIDNIFY and Double Score Dungeon will warm up the stage on 9th Friday, then SIDRIP is going to blast on 10th Saturday at 6PM.
From now on we won't accept excuses if someone doesn't recognize any of our songs: with the help of Hermit's awesome javascript based SID player the original SID tracks can be played with a modern web browser (to the pleasure of everyone at the office).
The SID jukebox contains every SID that we've ever remixed and SID version of our ReLive CD's content also available on the site.
04.07.2016 Árok Party 2016 - concert
Our next gig is the usual (and band's favorite) Árok Party saturday night at Ajkarendek, 30th July 2016. After 6 years we will play again in the original formation: Gery has joined to the band to make our songs more solid with his rhythm guitar.
Árok Party 2016
26.04.2016 QB Party 2016 - concert
Official concert info: SIDRIP Alliance @ QB Party, Sülysáp, 20:30 CET, 14th May 2016. Be there.
Less official concert info: Come and kick off the summer season with us! We promise a great tracklist, friends, palinka, goulash and sleeping in a car's trunk for the whole weekend.
QB Party 2016
06.09.2015 Function 2015 - concert
SIDRIP will play live (as usual) on the Function 2015 demoscene meeting at 12. September, 6 PM in Budapest. If you can not be there follow the party events online as we have prepared something big ...
24.08.2015 Concert section update
Concert section has been updated with the latest photos, videos and info of our past (PixelCon, QB Party, Árok Party 2015) and upcoming gigs (Function 2015).
19.08.2015 Metatag fix in ReLive album FLAC/OGG/WMA packages
If you downloaded FLAC/OGG/WMA packages from our site please redownload them as the last song (Commando High Score) had wrong metatag (same as Swing). Kudo to Anssi Saari for the warning!
03.08.2015 Double score concerts on Árok Party 2015
For its fifth birthday the band will give not one but two live gigs (MegaLIVE) on Árok Party 2015 at Ajkarendek. The first one will start at 20h, 14th August, while the second at 19:45h, 15th August after the debut concert of a new band called Double Score Dungeon. We have prepared some surprises (not only for your ears), so come and celebrate with us!
Árok Party 2015
12.04.2015 Concerts in May, 2015
It seems we will have busy year: two gigs within a month! The first one will be at 9th May on PixelCon party (1 Blaha Lujza square, Budapest), the second at 16th May on QB Party (6 Szent Istvan square, Sülysáp) which is a new demoscene party in Hungary. So you have no reason (like have another program) to stay away, so see You there!

PixelCon 2015
QB Party 2015
03.10.2014 Function 2014 - concert
To cut it short: party with long history, old band, new place and songs. At 4th of October 8pm SIDRIP Alliance strikes down again to your ear.

03.10.2014 Árok Party 2014 - after the party
This gig was a difficult one, but on the end it turned out well. Many things happend: slug on NP's face, damaged drum, missing cables two hours late with the start, audio cable repairing, lasershow (thx ViTi and Joshi) and terrorist ... no, ninjas

For pictures (thx to Jootka) click HERE.
14.07.2014 Árok Party 2014 - concert
As it seems we're following a tradition of last-minute decisions when it comes to live gigs every year. This time our brill bassist Hermit had an important show to play elsewhere during the date of the next AROK gig - and without a good bassist, playing a SIDRIP Alliance show is impossible. Fortunately for us it turned out that Gery (Vincenzo's brother who kept helping the band since the start) is a pro-grade bassist who can be a great substitute of Hermit. So we will meet onstage again at AROK Party, 19th of July to make you all sweat there!

Click here to get a taste of our earlier gig at Árok Party in 2012.

ÁROK 2014
20.09.2013 Function 2013 - after the party
It's time to write down (fortunately) the usually: how fenomenal was this gig, the mood, the audience and how we enjoyed playing to our friends but it would be pointless. Who was there and listened Rage of Emperor (our first own song written by Vincenzo) and Diablo - understand us. Thanks boys and girls, organizers, friends and fans!

For pictures click HERE.
02.09.2013 Function 2013 - concert
At 14 September (saturday) night on the Function party (Budapest) we will fire the engines and make some noise again :) This gig will be a milestone for the band, so be prepared...

22.07.2013 Árok Party 2013 - after the party
We had an amazing gig again! First we worried because we had to play inside a gym (because the rain) but Vincenzo made miracle with the sound system. Viki was dancing with the band and with the audience too given some visual amusement too :) After the shorter (but harder) concert everybody was satisfied and tired: this is how revel the hungarian scener!

Thank you for the organizers to make this great party year over year!

For pictures click HERE (made by Jutka again).
07.06.2013 Árok Party 2013 - concert
That was close: we barely could find free time to schedule our practice day. But in the end we solved the riddle so be prepaired for our gig at Arok Party at 6. July, 7pm! If you like electric music more you will be glad because ErrorPort/SoulVoid will play before us!

Click here to get a taste of our previous gig at Árok Party in 2012.

ÁROK 2013
25.11.2012 Function 2011 - Concert film on DVD online
Who was lucky to be on our live gig at Revision Party near the stage could get our concert film on DVD. The film contains our concert at Function 2011 party in professional quality. Now the DVD is freely downloadable from our server:
download DVD (3.6gb, zip), cover and disc art.
01.10.2012 Function 2012 - after the party
A short time ago we stood on the stage with two nice girls (Ziona and Viki) and now it is history. We've got everything what we could ask for: enjoy to playing great tracks, friends, girls, singing audience and rock. For the first time you could hear Myth and Electric Jesus remixes from the band.

For pictures click HERE, to listen the concert click HERE (thx to Ziphoid, Topy and the SceneSat radio).
17.09.2012 Function 2012 - concert
Function party - which is the most popular demoscene party of Hungary - will be held between 28 and 30 September, 2012 in Budapest. As in the past few years SIDRIP Alliance will play live again at saturday night.
As the band didn't rest on summer you can listen new remixes among the old (and not so old) ones. We will bring some DVDs of the last years concert so be near of the stage :)
08.08.2012 Árok Party 2012 - video
If someone missed our last gig at Arok Party then here is the chance to get a little taste of it thanks to Vincenzo and Vector. We enhanced our songlist with some immortal tracks like Supremacy (with Hermit's flute solo) or Second Reality. [video]
18.07.2012 New studio release: Krakout
We release a new studio remix into the wild: please welcome Ben Daglish's crazy music: Krakout [mp3] [flac]!
This one will be found on our first studio album which we would like to release in this year.
10.07.2012 New remixes available
The remix page has got some update: Drudgery from Chabee, Dwarf Fly from Vincenzo, and Electric Jesus from NecroPolo, which is dedicated to the memory of Intensity and won the remix compo of Arok Party 2012.

There are two more interesting remixes from him: Test Drive and Kyyhylly arranged to floppy drives :) using Vincenzo's floppy sound libraries.

These tracks are available in FLAC format too on our remix page.
10.07.2012 Árok Party 2012 - after the party
Árok Party is always a special place for us because this is where we born. We are among friends from the beginning and there is no we and you only the party.

This was true this year too: we could give our best performance EVER. NecroPolo's question "Should the blood splutter or flow?" the answer was "Splutter!!!". Later when Hermit played Supremacy on his flute and the audience had started singing ... we thought the mood can't be higher. It could. Thanks to everyone who was there!!!

For pictures click HERE, videos coming soon.
28.06.2012 Árok Party 2012 - concert
SIDRIP Alliance will play third time at Ajkarendek, 7th July, 20h. Usual place (our favorite) but new set of songs: we have prepared some surprise :) Before our concert SOULVOID will tune the sound system with some Gameboy chip music. To shorten waiting you can watch videos of party last year.
ÁROK 2012
18.06.2012 Pictures from here and there
It is time to redeem some debt, so pictures of Moleman 2 and Revision 2012 (thx to Romeo Knight) concerts are online now. As bonus here are some exclusive pictures from one of our band rehearsal.
02.04.2012 REVISION 2012 - concert
SIDRIP Alliance will play on one of the biggest (and youngest) demoparty of the world - REVISION 2012 - in Saarbrücken (Germany) at 8th April. It will be a HUGE party with many interesting events/competitions/seminars so come and be there!
09.03.2012 Function 2011 - video and soundtracks
It took a little more than one month but here it is. Results of Vincenzo and Vector's hard work can be found here:
SIDRIP Alliance - Function 2011 LIVE
22.10.2011 Moleman 2 Premier Party - concert
Another concert: this time on afterparty of Moleman 2 movie on 17th November. It will be a great event for the scene members and lovers with many performers, so don't miss it!. Visit organizer's homepage for more details and the trailer of the movie.
20.09.2011 Function 2011 - after the party
No doubt, this was our best live gig until now. The enthusiastic audience make our day from the beginning (thanks!!!), we lit our rockets and sent everybody to the C64 heaven :)
The power amps sounded very good and the recordings were fine too. Now we have to process them. If everything will be allright we can upload them within a month. Until then you can watch pictures from the show.

The SceneSat radio broadcast the concert, what you can listen here (from the 8. minute). We gave an interview too, it can be found here (from the 50. minute).
07.09.2011 Function 2011 - concert
If somebody missed our prevous live show at Árok Party (or because it wasn't enough) here is the chance: this year we will play live again on the Function party (Saturday fever...). We will crushing the walls with serious amps and try to overhelm the noise of the PCs :)
07.09.2011 Newcomer remix
Our remix section has got an update: this time with Vincenzo's great Newcomer remix, which achieved second place at Árok Party remix compo.
04.08.2011 Árok Party 2011 videos and pictures
If you missed this great party you can try to get the feeling with the uploaded videos and pictures. We played "alltime favorite Commando", "surprise Ghostbusters", "Yello Race vs Outrun" and "don't you know this? Power Drift". We enjoyed playing these great SID musics again, thanks to the organisers of the party for the opportunity!
04.08.2011 New NecroPolo remixes are available
Two new remixes of NecroPolo are downloadable from the site: BC Bill (Dreadnought on the Fly) and Zak (McKrackenica edition). With this Zak McKracken remix NecroPolo could win the Árok Party remix compo this year.
04.08.2011 Function X soundtracks
You asked: some tracks from Function X concert are downloadable in MP3, OGG and lossless FLAC format. Download and enjoy!
07.07.2011 SIDRIP Alliance concert at Árok Party 2011
We are returning to our birthplace to entertain the audience with 8bit memory. We will be there with full crew (with Hermit on the board) with new songs to kick out the wall of the gym :) Don't miss to read the official homepage of the party because something big is coming...
25.12.2010 SIDRIP Alliance Music Collection 2010
Later than 24 December, but not too late to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 with this music collection. SIDRIP Alliance celebrates end of 2010 this way. You may find out some tunes you like...
25.10.2010 New videos from Function X party are online
Finally you can watch the best moments our live concert at Function X party. Thanks to our mystical anonymous friend who recorded and edited the video and to Füvesi for the additional shoots.
20.09.2010 New home for our homepage
Because stalling our previous server we've moved our site to a new server thanks to a friend who is also a big C64 fan: Gabucino. Mega thanks!
15.09.2010 SIDRIP Alliance concert at Function X party
Yeah, the rumors were true: SIDRIP Alliance will play live at Function X party, Budapest, Hungary on 11 September, 20h.

Updated! It was a fantastic evening thanks to the numerous and enhusiastic audience. Poison and Leon were boosting the night as an intro band and as our biggest fans too :) For our biggest surprise the (mostly PC fan) audience chose Last Ninja remix as extra song (instead of Duke Nukem).
Pictures of the concert can be seen here.
24.08.2010 Debut in SLAY Radio
We are radio stars :) Our last song (From First to Last - a Last Ninja Medley) has played in SLAY Radio. Thanks Slaygon, Boz and Anna Black!
18.08.2010 Last Ninja Medley released!
Finally after many hours of recording and mastering NecroPolo / SIDRIP Alliance proudly presents: From First to Last - a Last Ninja Medley. This is the studio version of the live song which debuted at Árok Party #12.

You can download this song and other remixes of the crew from here.
12.08.2010 Concert videos of Árok Party #12 are available
Videos of our performance at Árok Party #12 are ready and online. You can watch them here. It seems our news will contains so many THX. This could be because we are very lucky and we have so much talented supporters. So here it comes again: thanks to Füvesi who recorded, edited and uploaded these videos!
11.08.2010 Hungarian site is online
Now you can read our site in hungarian language.
07.08.2010 Site updated
Site is updated with information about the band and some news (what are actualy quite old). In the future the site will updated regularly with infos, date of concerts, new remixes, etc.
02.08.2010 Official site launched
Pre version of the official site with soundtracks of the concert is up! Big kudo to Singular Crew for hosting our big files. THX!
17.07.2010 Debut concert, Árok Party, Ajkarendek
We made it. It was a fantastic feeling for us playing together these incredible songs. First time is always a little special. Thanks for everyone who made this event available and for the audience who was awesome. Next year we will be there for sure :)
21.06.2010 SIDRIP Alliance will debut at Árok Party #12!
"...and at last, we reveal the secret: This year we are going to surprise our visitors with a live concert! It's going to be the loudest event ever in the Arok Party series! SIDRIP Alliance is going to debut at our open-air stage. You can expect familiar remixes from the 6 members band with concert-quality sound! (Thanks to the Hungarian Demoscene Association it is going to be really LOUD, and really QUALITY sound!) Be there, don't miss the birth of this cool formation!"
from Árok Party homepage
  About Us
2009-, Long long time ago...

Story of SIDRIP Alliance started in 2009 at AROK#11 8-bit Party when three C64 musicians (Hermit, NecroPolo, Vincenzo) met.

All three were C64 fans with similar attitude and seasoned instrumentalists as well, it was easy to start some plan about forming a SID tribute band. Some time later, the album "cover" of NecroPolo's rakBIT acmum can be considered to be the first SIDRIP co-op project because Hermit did all the programming the C64 executable demo that functions as an album cover. The name "SIDRIP" came from here. It is a new C64 bytestream player developed by Hermit that made including old music files possible. It was a huge challenge.

Around March of 2010 intensive e-mail and phone activity started to select the setlist from 10.000s of SID tunes. It was a difficult task because the personal favourites of each member alone consists hundreds of SIDs...

The first official live-project was Navy Moves remix that was started, orchestrated and arranged by Chabee then later spiced with live instruments by NecroPolo and Hermit. The track had a rather positive reception in relevant remix sites. More soon :)

After heavy and hard selection process, the setlist was narrowed down to 13 tunes that were re-worked for live playing, in details. Individual practising started somewhere around the middle of June, as a preparation for the only available rehearsal opportunity. The reason is: the members started to live quite far from each other back in the time when they did not know that such a project will be realised :)

Three weeks before the first concert it turned out that Vincenzo had to miss playing onstage due to his sudden and urgent deadline work assignments that had to be done. He advised to find a new keyboardist, because these wicked chiptunes require much more than just "playing around". So, Hermit contacted Werdy who quickly impressed the others with his constructive attitude, skills, talent and awesome sounds. Learning all the setlist in 3 weeks was a huge challenge but he was completely into it. Drummer SzléjerCsabi added his part to the whole pretty well, too, with the shortest available preparation time (2 weeks).

The one and only rehearsal session with the actual live crew was 1 week before the gig. During the refinement of the set many ideas appeared and also became clear that there will be some "blind flights" :)

The last week passed with individual practising the songs (1 day before Hermit could even successfully overstretch his wrist with his high-action bass). After all, the band started playing with some "flying blind", hitting strings and other anomalies. Vincenzo contributed to the concert greatly behind the mixing desk, with his experience he created healthy live sound through the PA system.

Audience was awesome. Playing was not 100% perfect - but the atmosphere and fun in the concert was.

We thought we are ready to the next gig. As always things are never going to be that easy: Hermit and SzléjerCsabi had another program when we had to be on the stage. At least we found a solution: Küki played on the bass and we found a new drummer - Tamás Ölveczky (Chad) - who could easily get the job as he is a skilled musician.

This concert (Function X) gave us another crew member: Vector who was convinced by our passion. With his help you can watch our gigs later if you missed them.

In 2014 a new/old friend joined to the band on the stage - Gery, Vincenzo's brother - who helped us from the beginning. In this year Hermit had busy time (and many concerts with his other band) and he had to skip our concerts. Gery saved us and the gigs.

SIDRIP (band line-up)
Chad - drums
Gery - bass
NecroPolo - guitar, remix, audio production
Suby - guitar, remix
Werdy - keyboards, remix, web and graphic design

Alliance (support)
Stage crew
Bambusz - stage visuals, VJ
Jootka - photos
Vincenzo - sound guy, audio production

Production crew
Hermit - C64 coding
Unreal - graphic art
Vector - video recording and production, photos

Inactive and past members
Chabee - remix
RedRick - guitar, bass
SlayerCsabi - drums
Name (info/pics/videos) Date Location (Google Maps) Website (link)
Árok Party 2018 06.08.2018 Ajka, Hungary
White Dog Pub, Ajka 28.04.2018 Ajka, Hungary Facebook event
Árok Party 2017 12.08.2017 Ajka, Hungary
QB Party 2017 13.05.2017 Sülysáp, Hungary
Demobit 2017 28.01.2017 Bratislava, Slovakia
PixelCon 4 11.05.2016 Budapest, Hungary Facebook event
Function 2016 10.09.2016 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party 2016 30.07.2016 Ajkarendek, Hungary
QB Party 2016 14.05.2016 Sülysáp, Hungary
Function 2015 12.09.2015 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party 2015 14-15.08.2015 Ajkarendek, Hungary
QB Party 2015 16.05.2015 Sülysáp, Hungary
PixelCon 09.05.2015 Budapest, Hungary Facebook event
Function 2014 04.10.2014 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party 2014 19.07.2014 Ajkarendek, Hungary
Function 2013 14.09.2013 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party 2013 06.07.2013 Ajkarendek, Hungary
Function 2012 29.09.2012 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party 2012 07.07.2012 Ajkarendek, Hungary
Revision 2012 08.04.2012 Saarbrücken, Germany
Moleman 2 17.11.2011 Budapest, Hungary
Function 2011 17.09.2011 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party #13 30.07.2011 Ajkarendek, Hungary
Function X 11.09.2010 Budapest, Hungary
Árok Party #12 17.07.2010 Ajkarendek, Hungary
  Árok Party #12, Live (debut)
17.07.2010, Ajkarendek
Zoids vs ACE II video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Giana Sisters vs R-Type video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Compleeto video mp3 ogg flac sid
K.A.O.S. video mp3 ogg flac sid
Alliance vs Alibi video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Swing video mp3 ogg flac sid
MSI Demo video mp3 ogg flac sid
Rubicon video mp3 ogg flac sid
Navy Moves video mp3 ogg flac sid
Duke Nukem video mp3 ogg flac  
Last Ninja Medley video mp3 ogg flac sid sid sid
Interlude   mp3 ogg flac  
Krakout video mp3 ogg flac sid
Boogie Factor 2 video mp3 ogg flac sid

... to the Crew of the Árok Party for the opportunity,
... to Füvesi for the audio and video recording, video editing and
... to YOU who were there!

Hermit - bass
Küki - rhythm guitar
NecroPolo - solo guitar
SzléjerCsabi - drums
Vincenzo - live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Function X, Live
11.09.2010, Budapest
Zoids vs ACE II video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Compleeto video mp3 ogg flac sid
Alliance vs Alibi video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Swing video mp3 ogg flac sid
MSI Demo video mp3 ogg flac sid
Duke Nukem video mp3 ogg flac  
From First To Last / Ninja video mp3 ogg flac sid sid sid

... to the Crew of the Function X party for the opportunity,
... to Bambusz, Füvesi, Gery, Jutka, Vector and
... to YOU who were there!

Küki - bass
NecroPolo - solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vincenzo - live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Árok Party #13, Live
30.07.2011, Ajkarendek
Commando (recorded by keletiarthur) videó sid
Power Drift (recorded by chainq68k) videó sid
Boogie Factor 2 (recorded by weigertj) videó sid

... to the Crew of the Árok Party for the opportunity,
... to Bambusz, Bubu, Gery, Jutka and
... to YOU who were there!

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Function 2011, Live
17.09.2011, Budapest
Intro (Newcomer)   mp3 ogg flac sid
Commando video mp3 ogg flac sid
Ghostbusters video mp3 ogg flac sid
Compleeto video mp3 ogg flac sid
Outrun vs Race video mp3 ogg flac sid
Alliance vs Alibi video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
K.A.O.S. video mp3 ogg flac sid
Swing video mp3 ogg flac sid
Zoids vs ACE II video mp3 ogg flac sid sid
Power Drift video mp3 ogg flac sid
Duke Nukem video mp3 ogg flac  
From First To Last / Ninja video mp3 ogg flac sid sid sid
Boogie Factor video mp3 ogg flac sid
Power Drift (ráadás) video mp3 ogg flac sid
From First To Last / Ninja (ráadás) video mp3 ogg flac sid sid sid

Concert film
Download DVD (3.6gb, zip), cover and disc art.

... to the Crew of the Function 2011 party for the opportunity,
... to Gery, Jutka, QXY,
... to Poison for the cool mineral water,
... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vector - video recording and edition, DVD (concert film)
Vincenzo - live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Árok Party 2012, Live
07.07.2012, Ajkarendek
SIDRIP Alliance - Árok Party 2012 (LIVE!) shortmix video

... to the Crew of the Árok Party for the opportunity,
... to Füvesi, Gery, Joshi, Jutka, QXY, [SOULVOID],
... to the enthusiastic audience :)

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vector- video recording
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Function 2012, Live
29.09.2012, Budapest

... to the Crew of the Function 2012 party for the opportunity,
... to Gery, Jutka, Viki, Ziona and
... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Árok Party 2013, Live
06.07.2013, Ajkarendek

... to the Crew of the Árok Party for the opportunity,
... to ErrorPort, Füvesi, Gery, Jutka, Viki and
... to the enthusiastic audience :)

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Function 2013, Live
14.09.2013, Budapest

... to the Crew of the Function 2013 party for the opportunity,
... to Gery, Jutka, Viki and Ziona (aka SIDRIP Dance Section), ViTi and
... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Chad - drums
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Árok Party 2014, Live
19.07.2014, Ajkarendek

... to the Crew of the Árok Party for the opportunity,
... to Jootka for the pics
... and to everyone who was there!

Chad - drums
Gery - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  Function 2014, Live
04.10.2014, Budapest

... to the Crew of the Function 2014 party for the opportunity,
... to ViTi for the laser (it was cool!),
... to Poison for the beer :),
... to Jootka for the photos,
... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Chad - drums
Gery - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Vincenzo- live sound
Werdy - keyboards

  PixelCon, Live
09.05.2015, Budapest

... to the Crew of PixelCon for the opportunity,
... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Chad - drums
Hermit - bass
Jootka - photos
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Werdy - keyboards

  QB Party 2015, Live
16.05.2015, Sülysáp

Crazy Comets vs Chameleon
Myth vs Doom
Outrun vs Race vs K.I.T.T.
From First to Last / Ninja

... to the Crew of QB Party for the opportunity,
... to Felix and Lucy for starting and organizing a new demoscene party, ... to our fans in front of the stage and YOU who were there!

Chad - drums
Hermit - bass
Jootka - photos
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Werdy - keyboards

  Árok Party 2015, MegaLive
14-15.08.2015, Ajkarendek

... to the Crew of Arok Party for EVERYTHING,
... to Laca for his donation and enthusiasm,
... to Füvesi for the incredible transparent (and red) C64 chases,
... to Dóri for the very delicious and nice SIDRIP cake,
... to Maugli and Zsola for their clever offers for the ReLive tapes,
... to our incredible fans who support us in every possible way!

Chad - drums
Gery - bass
Hermit - bass, deck repairing
Jootka - photos
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
Vincenzo- live sound, water supply, deck repairing
Werdy - keyboards

Title Arranger Composer
Baboon (Skydive ReMix) mp3   Chabee Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
BC Bill (Dreadnought on the Fly) mp3   NecroPolo Fred Gray
Be There (Caribian Dreams) mp3   Chabee Klaus Grøngaard (Link)
Bionic Commando stage4 (Dale vs Wray mix) mp3   NecroPolo Tim Follin
Billig Oel mp3   Vincenzo Drax
Blowing re-remixed mp3   Vincenzo Søren Lund (Jeff)
Boogie Factor 2 mp3   Chabee Jaakko Kaitaniemi (Reed)
Break-up mp3   Chabee Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
CJ in the USA - live remix mp3   Hermit Ashley Hogg
Compleeto mp3   Hermit Anders Andréen (ATOO)
Creature Shop (BeatMiX) mp3   Vincenzo Steve Rowlands
Creatures Faaast Remix mp3   Vincenzo Steve Rowlands
Dazzler live version mp3   Hermit Mitch & Dane
Deformata mp3   Vincenzo Tomas Danko
Dixie Bits (country punk edition) mp3   NecroPolo David Dunn
Drudgery (Bad Bassist Demo) mp3 flac Chabee Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
Dwarf Fly (Flying Barf remix) mp3 flac Vincenzo Link
Electric Jesus mp3 flac NecroPolo Arman Behdad (Intensity)
InCompleeto mp3   Vincenzo Anders Andréen (ATOO)
Intrigue acoustica mp3   Hermit Wojciech Radziejewski (Shogoon)
IO subtune 1 (Visitors) mp3   Chabee David Whittaker
Krakout mp3 flac SIDRIP Alliance Ben Daglish
Kyyhylly (TeH Fl0ppy remix) mp3 flac NecroPolo Alamaailman Vasarat
Last Ninja - From First to Last mp3 flac SIDRIP Alliance various
Last Ninja 3 2008 mp3 flac Werdy Reyn Ouwehand
Mysterious Worlds level 1 mp3   Hermit Steven Diemer (A-Man)
Navy Moves mp3   SIDRIP Alliance Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
Newcomer [Symphonic Rework by StrayBoom] mp3   Vincenzo Zoltan Gonda
Robocop ingame (RobbSpotter rmx) mp3   NecroPolo Jonathan Dunn
Samurai Warrior (2oo1 RemiX) mp3   Vincenzo Neil Brennan
Swing ReRemixed mp3   Vincenzo Volker Meitz (PRI)
Test Drive (I REALLY mean teh floppy remix) mp3 flac NecroPolo Patrick Payne
Zak (McKrackenica edition) mp3   NecroPolo Matthew Kane
  Function 2011, Concert film
released at 23.11.2012

DVD (3.6gb, zip), cover and disc art.

Hermit - bass
NecroPolo - rythm and solo guitar
QXY - camera 1.
Chad - drums
Vector - camera 2., video edition, authoring
Vincenzo - live sound, audio mastering
Werdy - keyboards

  SIDRIP - ReLive CD
released at 14.08.2015
FLAC (lossless, 388mb), OGG (320kbps, 126mb),
MP3 (320kbps, 124mb), WMA (320kbps, 125mb)
Chabee - support
Gabucino - server administration
Jootka - photo production
Unreal - design
Vector / SDP - video production
Vincenzo - sound guy
drums - Chad
bass, guitar - Gery
bass - Hermit
guitar - NecroPolo
keyboards - Werdy
Mixed by NecroPolo
Mastered by Vincenzo and NecroPolo
ReLive logo design by Unreal
SIDRIP logo, cover and wear design by Werdy

Interactive C64 album cover by Hermit

Wear production by Blasternox / Pólónyomás Óbuda

Thanks to for promoting the album!
Special thanks to
all the original composers of our remixes!
Listen original C64 tracks in SID jukebox
  SIDRIP Alliance - S E C O N D   R E A L I T Y
released at 12.09.2015
               SIDRIP Alliance - S E C O N D   R E A L I T Y                
  \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/   
|                        Directed by Vector / SDP                          |
.                                                                          .
> SIDRIP Alliance                           <
+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Chad - drums                                                             |
. Hermit - bass                                                            .
  NecroPolo - guitar                                                        
  Werdy - keyboards                                                         
  Gery - bass, guitar                                                       
  Chabee - support                                                          
  Gabucino - server administration                                          
  Jootka- photo production                                                  
  Unreal - design                                                           
  Vector / SDP - video production                                           
  Vincenzo - sound guy                                                      
  Werdy - remix                                                             
  NecroPolo - audio production, mastering                                   
  Vincenzo - mastering                                                      
> Systron Digital Pictures                 <
+ -----------------------------------------­------------------------------ +
| Vector - camera operator, editing & CGI animations                       |
. Rebeca Monica Szollos - girl, sun                                        .
  Kisordog - assistant                                                      
  Bambusz- assistant                                                        
  Gabor Bakos- assistant                                                    
  David Lorcho - assistant                                                  
> Special thanks to                                                        <
+ -----------------------------------------­------------------------------ +
| PURPLE MOTION for the original music                                     |
. Liesz for shooting location                                              .
  DustBust for Pixeldust and Blaster fonts                                  
+----------------------------- SYS 64738 ----------------------------------+
                       Released at FUNCTION 2015                             
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